Floral Appliques

Floral Appliques can be used for a variety of sewing projects, from hair accessories to bridal decor. Although modern floral prints and patterns are utilized for beauty, flowers originally held deep meaning in many Eastern societies. Countries like China, Japan, and India produced beautiful floral fabrics that each symbolized something different, depending on the flowers featured on the fabric. In the 1400s, trading between Europe and Asia became easier, and floral fabrics became the height of fashion in Europe. Once Europe was hit with the Industrial Revolution, floral garments became easier to manufacture and were therefore sold to more people at a lower price. Now, floral fabrics are utilized in a variety of ways, and floral appliques are a popular way to add detailing to any garment. From complimenting shoulders and hips to garnishing a pair of heels, floral appliques are perfect for any project.